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Department of Information and Finance Management
National Taipei University of Technology
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About IFM

Welcome to IFM

Here you are. It's my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Information and Finance Management's home on the web.


The fast-progressing information technology has resulted in great revolution of the business mode in modern enterprises. Therefore, informatization has certainly become the trend in the operating development of enterprises. For example, the improvement of Internet and the database technique conquer the impediments to business scale and locations, which creates new opportunities for customer service and also make the service more timely and various. Thanks to the technique of data system and the completely-developed consulting skill, data system in enterprises such as monetary information system, financial information system, supply chain management, enterprise resources planning, and customer relationship management can entirely meet the enterprises’ need, becoming the best tool for making profit for enterprises. In other words, in this highly-informatization society, data techniques will be what enterprises compete for in the future.

Research Area

There are three major research areas of this department

  • FinTech
  • BlockChain
  • Data Science

The feature of regional development

Taipei Tach locates at the prime region in Taipei City, surrounded by headquarters of business and authorities. Nearby are financial holding cooperation, banks, insurance cooperation, securities investment trust, software companies. Besides, close to the industrial zone like Neihu, Nangang, Wugu, Xizhi, Tucheng, Wudu, Xinzhuang, it is convenient to contact with many important information and finance cooperation. Such significant geographic position is advantageous for investigation, development, and application on information and finance management.

Taipei Tech being a historic university

Over 60,000 engineers are graduates of Taipei Tech, distributed to fields including industry, politics, academic, and research. These alumnus have achieved prominent accomplishment in business, accounting for up to 10% of domestic listed company owners. Additionally, more than 4000 of them serve as chief officers in the industry. With strong coherence of alma mater among the alumnus, they constantly provide proper assistance for technology development conducting by Taipei Tech.

Many alumnus indicated that businesses has a strong desire for specialists on both information and finance management, which accords with the establishment of our department. For one thing, job prospects for graduates from our department can be foreseeable. For another, the foundation of our department can help companies where the alumnus work with information and finance management, promoting the development of local industries.


Based on “Ministry of Education Evaluation Report 2005--Suggestions for College of Management ”and “National Taipei University of Technology College of Management Mid-long term development plan”

The establishment of our department not only completed the structure of College of Management, but also offered College of Management sufficient human resources for teaching and research. In future days, our department will support programs (International Management Master Program, EMBA Program, e-Management Program) based on the development of College of Management in Taipei Tech.

Same time, our department collaborates with other departments to conduct academic investigation and promotion.

Cooperating to promote E-Business Policy

To reach the aim of “Technological Nation”, Executive Yuan makes efforts to implement e-Business, planning to turn Taiwan into the heartland of research and hi-tech manufacture center in Pacific Asia in the future ten years for a purpose of creating another economic miracle of Taiwan. These plans require information and finance management techniques to be practicalized, which can both improve management efficiency and enhance Taiwan’s competitiveness. Thus, fostering professionals on information and finance management is the prior work should be done.

The government is carrying out plans such as industrial automation and management system informatization in order to accelerate firm’s speed of computerized management. This can effectively reduce production cost, enhance the service quality, and then make Taiwan a more competitive country. From the above-mentioned, it is obvious that fostering advanced information and finance management elites is the keystone of industrial management automation in future days.

Dealing with the rapidly-changing commercial environment

The result of a survey conducted by R.O.C software association implies that industry urgently requests specialists on both information and finance management. In addition to receive regular education, students in our department dedicate to developing domestic economy after graduation. Furthermore, through promoting research achievements to industry and helping the implement of vocational education, we reach the goal of enhancing the quality of human resources in Taiwan.