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About IFM



Welcome to IFM

Here you are. It's my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Information and Finance Management's home on the web.


Established in 2013, the objectives of the Department of Information and Finance Management are to cultivate high-level information management personnel and to equip them with an international outlook, competencies tor practical research, and knowledge related to information technology and financial management to enable them to meet the demands of enterprises, spur industry advancements, and contribute to national economic development. In addition to teaching students basic financial theories and knowledge, we also teach them to apply information technology to the financial domain.

Development & Prospects

  • Cultivate students’ abilities of independent information system designing, developing and applications.
  • Construct specific teacher improving strategies to promote the performance of teaching and researching.
  • Integrate information and finance managements to prompt the employment of students.
  • Set the international academic exchange and cooperation into action.
  • Strengthen the Industry-University cooperation to increase the opportunities of students’ internships and employments.

Research and Teaching Highlights

  • Financial technology development

In 2014, the Department of Information and Finance Management spent NT$8 million to establish a financial technology laboratory with special features where stock market trading simulation software is installed for students to use for practice to gain hands-on experience with program trading and robot advisory systems. Our department has been actively collaborating with companies in various industries, for example, Fubon Financial Holdings, Yushan Bank, and US IBM Corporation, to develop the course offerings.

  • Financial smart-cloud platform

To cultivate talent and to improve the quality and effectiveness of domestic finance research, we have built an internship program and an exchange platform with the following objectives:

(1) Host seminars to educate financial practices

(2) Establish and promote intelligent financial trading strategy platforms

(3) Establish and promote intelligent financial information analysis system platforms

(4) Promote financial network community exchange platforms

  • Corporate resource planning

In addition to helping our students acquire the ability to introduce information technology into a corporate system, we also actively facilitate industry-academia cooperation. Presently, our department has successfully assisted our students to acquire more than 100 industry-related certificates, and the department also won the 2013 ERP Certification Promotion Excellence Award in Taiwan.


Taipei Tech locates at the prime region in Taipei City, surrounded by headquarters of business and authorities. Nearby are financial holding cooperation, banks, insurance cooperation, securities investment trust, software companies. Besides, close to the industrial zone like Neihu, Nangang, Wugu, Xizhi, Tucheng, Wudu, Xinzhuang, it is convenient to contact with many important information and finance cooperation. Such significant geographic position is advantageous for investigation, development, and application on information and finance management.